Sunika Kuraun - Vice - High Top

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We had to Crown The Hometown. #YAYO #VICECITY Sunika Kuraun is translated from Japanese to Sneaker Crown. The secondary name for this crown is SneakTip. We have always been inspired by the innovation in the design of sneakers and through that inspiration created a crown that combines architectural precision, thoughtful proportions, layering of materials, and a new patent pending double strap enclosure to increase the ability of the crown to contour to your head. This patent pending design is over a year in the making, and it went through multiple variations before reaching this point. The combination of premium yet breathable materials merge to bring forth something completely new. This is the first functional adjustment in headwear in a long time and we made it sexy. The front of the hat is split in material layers that coincide with curved side panes aligning to create the illusion of one cohesive piece. This also streamlines the look of the hat and minimizes the visible crown depth. The top two panels are layered screened cotton twill and mesh combined to create a hidden message. In this case the top simply says Dungeon Forward. Sewn onto the side panel is a new feature to headwear which we will simply call the cage. The term cage has been used in sneakers for some time now. This is where the innovation occurs. One nylon strap centered between two molded rubber/silicon blended elements creates a secondary enclosure and contouring mechanism. The two pivot points for for this strap sit high to create a secondary sizing adjustment.