Scripture ⚡️

Scripture ⚡️

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It is written:

Black women built the house of Saint Miles®.

As the tale goes Founders Steve Canal and Enitan Bereola were generating millions of dollars in business without a company name. Enitan's wife saw the opportunity for something greater. She reached out to Steve and set a meeting for them in New York City. Born from that encounter grew a family business and a heritage company to last through generations. Steve's firstborn son bears the name Saint. Bereola's firstborn son upholds the name Miles. Not only did the powerhouse wives birth the youngest chairmen of the board, but they also birthed the idea and (IP) of a legacy that will live on forever.

One Nigerian-American and One Haitian-American man co-created a company to support and amplify the urgent moans of culture's choir. Saint Miles®, through its platform, is working to lift the awareness of Black voices — especially Black women. Historically a woman’s voice has been an echo that reverberated on deaf ears. Today isn't yesterday — women are birthing billion-dollar businesses and Saint Miles® is dedicated to continuing the push. We didn’t build the vehicle, but we're masters at increasing its value.

Saint Miles® does not find ideal clients, we discover them. There is a difference. They are already a vibe. They are already taking up space. They were who they were before we got here. We could only love them, or leave them alone.

At Saint Miles®, we turn the machine on. You can cut the line here. We move with a spirit of gratitude and honor. Our home team is rooted in sacred soil so we walk on Holy ground. We create emotional connections that can be measured and apply our conviction to your purpose. We don't create stories, we tell them.

As men, we understand the innumerable value of a woman and resource our machine to amplify the energy, story tell projects with purpose to master the process, raise the profile and position women to gain awareness for the fly shit they do. We celebrate the vital roles women played in our lives and commit to magnify women’s voices through intellectual property, global events, content to educate our target audience and exponentially add to their business.

Oh, and men can join, too.

Welcome to Saint Miles®

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