SAINT MILES® is reinventing how we shop, on and offline revolutionizing the eCommerce landscape and empowering the next generation of colorful founders. Founded in 2019, Saint Miles rose to quickly become the preeminent solution for conscious consumers and ambitious entrepreneurs alike.

The company's mission to uplift and amplify underrepresented voices through marketplace innovation, impactful partnerships, and cultural authenticity allows Saint Miles to venture beyond transactions to drive real economic inclusion and generational wealth.

Co-founded by Enitan Bereola II and Steve Canal, Saint Miles provides a sanctuary where colorful businesses and creative thinkers ascend. Saint Miles earned its name from the co-founders’ sons, Saint and Miles. We represent legacy against all odds and leaving an inheritance for the future. As Bereola explains, "Saint Miles is a launchpad and loudspeaker for bold brands and big ideas. 40 percent of this country is Black and Brown and if we’re going to be the leader of the free world, we need all hands on deck. We're breaking down barriers so the next generation of innovators can own the game, not just play it. Saint Miles is where we house opportunities at scale for Black and Brown businesses to spread the combined $5 trillion we spend annually back into the community.”

According to Canal, "The difference between Black-owned and Black-targeted is simple - when you spend with Black-owned, the dollar stays with us, comes back to us, and gets multiplied by us. Supporting Saint Miles is about more than shopping, it's about legacy building for the next generation.”

Experience the thrill of brands vandalizing the status quo. Shop with principle and purpose.

The future starts now.


Saint Miles® does not find ideal brands, we discover them. There is a difference. They are already a vibe. They are already taking up space. They were who they were before we got here. We could only love them, or leave them alone.

At Saint Miles, we turn the machine on. You can cut the line here. We move with a spirit of gratitude and honor. Our home team is rooted in sacred soil so we walk on Holy ground. We create emotional connections that can be measured and apply our conviction to your purpose. We don't create stories, we tell them.