Cracked Rose - Unofficial Sharpie Project

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Cracked Rose

Cracked Rose
I Thought Roses Cracked Shhhhh
Concrete, Yes
But Cupid Might Hit You Where You Cant Scratch Your Back Itch /
Because Love, Like /
Rubber Bands /
Stretches And Cracks Back /
Switch... Off /
Lights Off /
Now You Lost In Life's Gifts /
Love Cracks Souls /
Yet We Preserve It Because Its Worth It /
So The Rose It Represents Should Come Cracked /
So We Dont Curse It /
Because Perfection Will Be Its Demise /
And Aint Nothing Perfect Between You And I /
Thats Cracked /
Thats Perfect /
Thats Love /
Cracked Rose /

CEO and Chief Designer of Dungeon Forward, Castro creates one of one art pieces as a form of personal therapy. Each piece is completely unique and created in one session with no specific plan or direction. They are a preservation of a moment in time and a tangible form of free-flowing thought. As they are being completed, inspiration increases, and what was created freely then becomes a reflection of a moment. This crown is derived from the piece titled cracked rose, a challenge of what we perceive as perfection.