Heard It All Before: A Game of Hip Hop Samples

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Game night will never be the same once you start playing Heard It All Before: A Game of Hip-Hop Samples. Players listen to a song snippet and race against the clock to name music originals and samples. Use a Bonus Card to steal the lead or pull a Mystery Card to see new songs we’ve added to your deck. The first team to 20 points wins the round.

From 70’s soul to hip hop classics, there’s a game card for every generation. Music lovers this party game is for you, but don’t count out your beginner friends. They might be your secret weapon.


  • 270 game cards including Original, Sample, Bonus, and Mystery Cards
  • QR Codes for easy access to songs (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube)
  • High quality, laminated game cards for extra durability
  • Companion browser app to see updated answer possibilities
  • 10 QR-Based Mystery Cards that change so your deck never goes stale.
  • Drawer-tray box for easy portability

This game is best played with one smartphone or computer