SK High Top - Recess - Jubeanski Collab

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Julian Reams better known as Jubeanski, Has brought us one of the most Powerful crowns to come through the Dungeon... Recess. It is not the time out you think... but it is one to make you think. With enigmatic graphics embodying a youthful playfulness accompanied by striking orange details to resemble the the orange tips of toy guns, it is a crown that screams the under crown statement of "Let The Babies Play!" A Miami native and father himself, the stories of Tamir Rice, Michael Gardner & Makiah Jackson, Kameron Prescott are part of what inspired this contemporary artist to create this compelling masterpiece of a collaboration.

CEO and Chief Designer David Castro curated The Black Artist Collective (#ARTBLK) because of a unique bond they all share with him and the brand, bringing a long-standing, ancestorial practice of Umoja -- or “unity” in Swahili— to the project. “We embrace the fact that we are a black-owned, thriving, creative business, and we want to breathe life into everything we touch. We connected with those we admired to create products that couldn’t exist without collaboration. There is beauty in the honesty of this collaboration, and we get to drop a new silhouette in the process,” he also adds.

“Creatives move the world forward, and collaboration breeds growth,” he continues. As an artist and architect, Castro employs authentic storytelling in all that he does, seen in the crown’s construction and design. “It only made sense for us to create authentic products with our contemporaries that share a perspective on the world through the product. This capsule will captivate many, and the depth of the designs will inspire the culture for years to come.”